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Carthaginian Empire.

A sweeping saga of what might have been if Carthage hadn't allowed itself to be thwarted in its ambitions by the political machinations of the Romans. In this series of tales spanning a thousand years they go on to fulfil thier destiny.

Carthaginian Empire Book I - The Barbarian Cycle

Carthaginian Empire Book I - The Barbarian Cycle

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 1 to 4 of the original series and two bonus episodes previously only available in the print anthology.

Episode 1 – Explorer

The Carthaginian explorer Hanno left the Mediterranean to sail south. Instead, the grandmother of all storms has pushed him north. His small fleet of war galleys, battered, crews exhausted, supplies depleted, are pinned by tide and wind against a hostile shore. The shore is lined with hundreds of local tribesmen, armed to the teeth. He doesn’t speak their language. They don’t speak his. Only one man speaks both. An itinerant trader. But can he trust him? Can he make friends, allies even? Above all, can he retrieve his fortunes and get home?

This is England, 470BC. Hanno doesn’t know that. Can he use his wits and his charm and all his skills to win out?

Episode 2 – Homecoming

Hanno has made friends with the local tribe, even married the chief’s daughter, but can he get home? He needs to repair his ships but his tools don’t work so well on the local oak. Can he turn this to his advantage? Meanwhile what of the trader; can he be trusted? Could he be dealt with without offending his father-in-law? Should he do so anyway? What is this mysterious fortress Mai Dan? Could these be allies?

Episode 3 – Shipwrights

Carthage has a trick nobody else has realised. Their ships are mass produced. English oak is stronger than any timber available in the Mediterranean. Could this be turned to Carthage’s advantage? Would an oak fleet rule the True Sea? Can Carthaginian engineering help his allies to achieve peace with the neighbouring tribes? Will the Mai Dan cow their rivalry? Can he convince them that trade is better than war with Carthage and her allies?

Its 460BC. England is changing. Carthage is changing. Is Hanno right?

Episode 4 – Anaxagoras

One sorry-for-himself Athenian philosopher and mathematician. Exiled from Athens on pain of death. Banned from teaching. But for Carthage he holds a key. His theories could lead to a navigation system that will enable them to extend their supremacy. Anaxagoras has a choice. Help the natural enemies of Athens or fade into obscurity? Hanno wants his man; and the secrets to accurate navigation his brain may hold. But does he owe loyalty to the city that has discarded him?

Its 450BC and Hanno now knows he needs just one piece to complete the picture; to take Carthage on to its manifest destiny.

Carthaginian Empire Book II - The Greek Cycle

Carthaginian Empire Book II - The Greek Cycle

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 5 to 11 of the original series and a bonus episode previously only available in the print anthology.

Episode 5 – Syracuse

Hanno’s grandson has a problem. Carthage wants control of Sicily. So does Athens. Only the port of Syracuse holds out against Carthage’s ambitions. But it has held out for four long years. Carthage is sick of war. Carthage wants its sons home. Can his desperate plan succeed in breaking Athens’ final holding in the Western Mediterranean?

Its 409BC. Can Handro meet and make his destiny?

Episode 6 – Handro’s Fleet

Sparta and Athens are fighting again. But which one does Carthage want to win? Sparta’s fleet is small and presents no real threat at sea. Her army is large and superb. Athens’ fleets control the eastern Mediterranean. How long can Carthage allow this state of affairs to continue? Is it time for Handro to involve Carthage in the internal affairs of the Greek city states? If so, on which side? Handro will play his own game at this table.

Its 405BC and Greece is the melting pot.

Episode 7 – Handro And Athens

Athens has been humbled on the battle field. Her army broken, her fleets destroyed. But Athens herself is untouched. Handro takes his chance. His orders are to humiliate but not sack the city the inhabitants think of as the cultural capital of the world. It’s a formidable city to attack, even with its reduced garrison. Can he carry out his orders? Can he walk the fine line that divides destroying Athens’ morale from uniting the Greek city states? He has his doubts but he has his orders. The first thing is to get in. The last thing will be to get out. But by capturing and parading the Vestal Virgins, will he go too far?

It’s just turned 404BC.

Episode 8 – Nemea and Coronae

After ten years of bitter war, finally the combined armies of Sparta and Carthage, under their charismatic leaders Lysander and Handro, have the chance to put an end to the struggles between the Greek city states. To do so, they must face and eliminate the armies of their four largest opponents. Sparta are the masters of hoplite phalanx warfare. Carthage with their sea power are masters of flexibility. Can these two unlikely allies work together and win?

This is 394BC. Greece is in the melting pot once more. Can Carthage control the heat?

Episode 9 – Return To Athens

Handro and the forces of Carthage have won the battles but the other cities of Greece have closed their gates to him and his Spartan allies. The Spartans have stormed Corinth and reduced it to rubble. Handro does not want this fate to befall Thebes and Athens. Can he prevent it? Does the legendary Carthaginian general and diplomat, Handro, have the necessary skillset? Can he destroy the power of the city states without destroying the cities themselves?

It is 394BC and Handro must act swiftly to prevent barbarism sweeping Greece.

Episode 10 – Assassin

Handro is taking a well-earned rest in Athens, now captured. One night a slight sound disturbs him. The spreading wetness by his side tells him his sleeping companion has been murdered. Is the assassin still in the room? Who is he? Why does he want Handro dead? All is not as it seems as even his allies are turning against him. Has the whole of Greece gone mad?

It is 393BC and Handro is fighting for his own life, in his own bed, while the world waits breathlessly on the victor.

Episode 11 – Revenge

After the failed assassination, Handro must act. But has Lysander truly decided to change sides? Why send a Theban? If Sparta has changed sides, what to do with the Spartan garrison troops in Athens? Why are there plumes of thick smoke rising from Thebes, a city that surrendered to him? If Lysander is dead and the Spartans have gone mad with blood lust, is it time to remove this cancer from Greece? If so, can he do so without shedding so much blood the Eurotas will run red?

It is 392BC and finally Handro can complete the unification of Greece under Carthage – or will his army die trying?

Carthaginian Empire Book III -The Macedonian Cycle

Carthaginian Empire Book III -The Macedonian Cycle

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 12 to 15 of the original series and a bonus episode previously only available in the print anthology.

Episode 12 – Macedonian Rebellion

Phillip would be king of Macedonia if the Carthaginians hadn’t arrived. Now he must lead a last desperate rebellion against the overlords from across the sea. Is it still his destiny to rule or has Carthage the wit and might to destroy the dynasty before Alexander is even born? It is 359BC and the nexus of history is upon them.

Episode 13 – Desert Rats

Unsettled by the Persian advances into Africa from Egypt, and feeling threatened by the increased Persian military presence along the East Coast of the Mediterranean from the Dardanelles all the way to the western borders of Egypt, Carthage must act. The Persians are expecting a naval attack from a naval power so when the Carthaginians strike from the desert surprise is paramount.

It is 339BC and Carthage faces its greatest enemy yet.

Episode 14 – Tyre

Having conquered Egypt, it is time for the hard-bitten and experienced army of Carthage to move north up the coast. First the city of Tyre stands in their way and if they can subdue the fabled island citadel then Darius is massing the largest army ever seen to face them on the banks of the gentle river Issus. A river that will run with blood before the year is out, at a place history will call Armageddon.

It is 333BC and Carthage must fight on land and sea.

Episode 15 – Empires

When two mighty empires meet, history dictates that only one will stand and the other must fall. Persia covers more land area than all of Carthage’s territory. Carthage controls the Mediterranean and its wealth from shore to distant shore. As the two empires confront each other in a hundred little skirmishes, one will survive and one will fall. It is 330BC and if Persia falls only one small emerging state will stand in the way of Carthaginian suzerainty.

Rome looms on the horizon for Carthage.

Carthaginian Empire Book IV - The Roman Cycle

Carthaginian Empire Book IV - The Roman Cycle

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 16 to 22 of the original series.

Episode 16 – Stalemate

Over several years the armies of Carthage and Rome have fought each other to bloody stalemate. Neither can gain a decisive advantage on land. On the sea, Carthage’s fleet reigns supreme and the tiny Roman navy is no match for the bigger, faster, more numerous and better trained Carthaginians.

It is 264BC and the First Punic War is going nowhere fast.

Episode 17 – The Galley

Based on a true documented incident. There is an important secret to the way the Carthaginians build their galleys. Each is identical to all of the others. They are built to a standard design and each piece is marked. You can take one apart and use it as a set of templates to build more. One unlucky Carthaginian captain is forced aground by the Romans and he, his crew and his galley are captured. Rome uses his galley to build a fleet of 225 identical ships in less than 45 days and use this to challenge Carthaginian naval supremacy. But will Roman skill and ingenuity be enough against the experienced crews of the oaken galleys they face?

Its 217BC and Rome takes what it believes is its chance.

Episode 18 – Bay of Naples

With the Roman fleet at the bottom of the Mediterranean and Hannibal’s mercenary army marauding down the east coast of Italy, Rome are up against it. When the entire Roman army is butchered at the battle of Cannae and Hannibal’s brother lands another army in the Bay of Naples, Rome is given a choice. Surrender or be sacked.

It is 216BC and the last challenger against Carthage’s reign is on her knees.

Episode 19 – Crucify Them!

Seventy years ago the might of Carthage was brought to bear on the city of Rome. Now as Carthage focuses on troubles further abroad, Rome sees the chance to rebel, the final chance to win back their freedom and their own destiny. The savagery of the response of the Carthaginian army will know no bounds. Crucifixion for one in two men is just the start. For the rest, slavery in the mines and fields of Spain and Britain awaits them.

It is 146BC and now Carthage truly rules the Mediterranean.

Episode 20 – Caesar Free

The tribes of Gaul have been a thorn in the side of Carthage for far too long. Penned in by Carthaginian occupied Spain to the West, Britain to the North, Italy to the East and the even wilder tribes in across the Rhine, the Gauls must finally fight or die. During one battle a slave of Roman descent saves a Carthaginian force from certain defeat and annihilation. Given his freedom he elects to join the meritocratic officer corps of the army of his erstwhile masters.

It is 56BC and his name was Julius. We would have known him as Caesar.

Episode 21 – Caesar Victorious

At the hilltop fortress of Alesia, Vercingetorix leads a desperate force of Gaulish warriors in a last stand against a Carthaginian army led by the Roman Julius Caesar. With other tribes surrounding him, Caesar elects to fight an innovative campaign. As the besiegers in turn become the besieged, history is reaching a climactic point.

It is 53BC and Caesar must win his finest battle, for his masters, not just for himself.

Episode 22 – European Union

All of Europe west of the river Rhine lies under the hand of Carthage. Ruled jointly from the south, Carthage itself, and north, Mai Dan in Britain, the empire appears to be at peace. There are three firebrands within the empire, two of whom are looking for further conquests to cement their place and perhaps their children’s future within the society that has assimilated them.

It is 48BC. Can Hanno, descendant of his legendary namesake, keep a leash on the ambitions of a certain Julius Caesar and his mortal adversary Vercingetorix?

Carthaginian Empire Book V - The Germanic Cycle

Carthaginian Empire Book V - The Germanic Cycle

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 23 to 28 of original series.

Episode 23 – Expedition

Fed up with the constant raids across the frontier, the river Rhine, into his otherwise peaceful province of Gaul, Hansro, its governor, finally convinces the regional government in Mai Dan to take action. So begins an epic journey that starts with the crossing of the Rhine and sweeps through the forests of modern day Germany. Their tribal enemies will not stand and fight, yet if they do not Hansro’s forces will destroy their homes. As inconclusive engagement follows inconclusive engagement, will the Goths and the Vandals finally be brought to account?

It is now 2AD and Carthage is again expanding its influence.

Episode 24 – Hamilcar

Nine years ago Hansro led his punitive expeditions against the tribes west of the Rhine. Now the Emperor is on the scene and his huge army is intent on crushing the Goths once and for all. As the campaign starts, Hamilcar III is surprised and ambushed in the Tutenberg forest. Instead of plunging his forces into despair as the Gauls had wanted, his death finally galvanizes the Carthaginian armies into brutal action. For many generations that followed, their treatment of the Goths would cow whole regions into submission.

It is 11AD and Pax Carthaga means peace, but oh, what a bloody birth for peace.

Episode 25 – Pax Cathaga

There may be peace throughout the empire, Pax Cathaga restored from western tip to eastern border. Unfortunately when a large empire is at peace, eyes can turn inward in their hunger for power. Many believe the centre is corrupt, and needs cleansing by a new dynasty. With two power centres in the Empire, Carthage itself and the great fortress of Mai Dan in the north, will the inevitable happen and the Empire plunge into Civil War?

It is 145AD. Will the great empire be torn asunder?

Episode 26 – The Parthians

With the installation of a new dynasty and the end of the civil war, Carthage hopes to rebuild the peace it had prospered in for so long. Sensing weakness, others have different ideas. Suddenly the brave yeomen with their longbows that had stood their ground and won the civil war must fight a different enemy. Out of the east, across the Danube, comes a new enemy. The Parthians are the undisputed masters of horse archery. Finally the northern longbow and the Parthian short composite bow will face each other. Which will prevail?

It is 147AD and Carthage must fight for its life one more time.

Episode 27 – Hannibal’s Crusade

The Parthians dealt a bitter blow to the military elite of Carthage. Now Hannibal II will lead a punitive expedition across the Danube and after an epic trek will assail the wild bowmen from the east. This time the longbow will not be outclassed.

It is 149AD and this time Carthage is fighting for revenge.

Episode 28 – Trade Not War

Their borders secure once more, Hannibal II returns in triumph to his home city. As the soldiers of the army are released back into civilian life, it is now trade that dominates the agenda.

It is 152AD and Pax Carthaga has returned. Will Carthage prosper in peace?

Carthaginian Empire Book VI - The Viking Cycle

Carthaginian Empire Book VI - The Viking Cycle

Previously only available as individual e-book short stories, this collection features episodes 29 to 32 of the original series.

Episode 29 – Viking Raid

After generations of peace the increasingly violent raids against her northern provinces cause Carthage to raise her battle standards once more. The Scandinavian tribes are bringing misery to Britain and the shores of Gaul. It is time for the military machine to fight again. The invincible galleys of Carthage will face the most fearsome sea going peoples of all time.

It is 319AD and Carthage has a new and vicious enemy.

Episode 30 – England Prospers

Pushing north, the Carthaginian forces have conquered Denmark. The Angles, the Saxons and the Franks have been overrun. The galleys of the Carthaginian fleet control the seas from Spain to Denmark. Protected in this way, the British reap the benefits of the peace the rest of the empire has enjoyed.

It is 332AD and finally the northern empire can catch its breath.

Episode 31 – Cold Water, Cold Land

To stop the raids on their northern frontiers, a punitive fleet is sent north to punish the remaining Viking tribes. Off the cape of Jutland the Carthaginian galleys finally find the Norse long ship is a formidable craft. Attacking through the snows of Southern Finland, the Army also encounters Norse berserkers for the first time.

It is 345AD and Carthage is sent reeling in defeat.

Episode 32 – Cold Revenge

Forty years earlier the Vikings sent a fleet of Carthaginian galleys to the bottom of the North Sea, and left the bones of a Carthaginian army to whiten in the snows of Finland. It may have taken forty years but now it is time for Carthage to have its revenge. The last European tribes to challenge Carthage will now find out what that ancient challenge really costs.

It is 389AD and Carthage has its revenge.

About The Author

Born in 1956 in the East Anglian Fens in England he moved to Nottingham to study for his business degree. In line with the current myth of the time he met, courted and married a local girl and they have now been married for over 35 years.

They still live within 10 miles of Nottingham and have two adult children no longer living at home. Their daughter made them proud grandparents in 2009, agian in 2011 and for a third time at the beginning of 2014.

Following a career in software development and IT management David was forced to give up work in 2005 to look after both his wife and daughter both of whom were suffering from different life threatening illnesses. To fill the time and take his mind off of the domestic and financial issues David eventually turned to his love of both photography and writing. Seven Sisters and The Carthaginian Empire are the first products of the latter.

In 2009 his then publisher went bust and undaunted, along with a fellow author they formed their own publishing company.

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